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Wallypop Sweet Sweeper Floor Cloths

Sweet Sweepers Sweepers

You'll look forward to sweeping your floors when you're using Sweet Sweepers Floor Cleaning Cloths! OK, well, maybe not...but these reusable floor cloths will make the job faster and easier than those disposable cloths. Not to mention, you'll be saving money and reducing waste!

Used dry, the microfiber sweeps hard surface floors clean, picking up dust, lint, threads, and all the junk that collects on your floors. Customers have reported that they also work great for picking up pet hair on hard surfaces. Used damp, Sweet Sweepers clean up dirt and mud, scrub up spills, and make cleaning your hard floors a breeze!

Sweet Sweeper Details:

  • Made from soft, absorbent, super-cleaning microfiber
  • Will fit both regular Swiffer® mops and the Swiffer® Wet Jet, or any other similar sized product (approx. 4x11).
  • Currently available in crisp, clean white.
  • Got a floor mop in a different size? Custom-sized covers cost $4-7. Please email us for details!
In Stock Sweet Sweepers: $4.00 each or Two for $7.00


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