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Care Instructions

Sweet Sweepers: Wash with your regular laundry. May be dried in dryer, but will last longer if air dried.

Eco-Gift, Eco-Shop, Every Day Cloth Napkins, Soft Cloth Hankies, Breast Pads: Wash and dry in your regular laundry with similar colors.

Family Wipes: Wash in hot, use bleach as needed. Dry in dryer or hang. May add tea tree oil, lavender oil, bleach, oxygen bleach, or anything else you'd normally use on your laundry for stain removal. See How To Use Your Family Wipes for more details.

Cycle Pads: Please see How To Use Cloth Pads for details.

Nursing Dresses: Just wash and dry with your regular laundry.

Doll Dipes, Pint-Size Slings: Machine wash, machine dry. Rings will be ok in the dryer but will clunk.

Little Leg Warmers: Wash with regular laundry. Air drying will help them last longer, but machine drying is also fine.



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