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Wallypop Soft Cloth Hankies

Hankies Hankies

There's nothing more luxurious when you have a runny nose than using a real handkerchief to wipe and blow. If you've never used real hankies, you're in for a treat! These incredibly soft squares of fabric are so gentle on sore noses. They're also tough, durable, and, yes, able to hold a lot of gunk.

Our first batch of hankies sold out quickly, and were made of very lightweight linen with old-fashioned rolled hems. We've had trouble finding a suitable supplier for this linen, and in the meantime, had many customers suggest flannel. Flannel is, coincidentally, what I use for my own hankies, and I love its cottony softness!

So, Generation II of Wallypop Hankies are made of soft cotton flannel solids and feature plain serged edges. The regular size are approximately 12x12 and will fit well into pockets while being large enough to handle the worst colds or allergy seasons! The small size are about 6 inches square, and are perfect for small pockets and/or small noses!

Wallypop Hankie Details:

  • Made from 100% Cotton flannel.
  • Easy-care: just toss in with regular laundry.
Flannel Hankies
Regular Size
Flannel Hankies
Small Size
Sizes: 12x12 6x6
Edging: Serged hems Serged hems
Price: $10.00 set of four $7.00 set of four


Lavender, top (sold out)
Butter, bottom



Black and White

REGULAR SIZE Soft Cloth Hankies: $16 for four

SMALL SIZE Soft Cloth Hankies: $8 for four

I also occasionally have some super fun tie dye cotton hankies listed at Etsy.

Please contact us if you'd like hankies in colors other than shown.



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